Home Search

Home Search Programme:

The focus of the Home Finding Programme is to assess, evaluate, and assist in the selection of appropriate housing for the international assignees and their families while on assignment. We provide direct assistance through a structured programme that offers relevant country information and personal guidance.

Client benefits:

  • Reduces temporary living expenses through pre-planning, in-country expertise
  • Provides assistance with lease negotiations, which minimise legal expenses
  • Ensures favourable rents and standardised contracts by using local experts with knowledge of the host country’s language and real estate customs
  • Enjoy reduced stress associated with host country differences

Key Elements:

  • “Needs assessment” questionnaire allows professional appraisal of accommodation needs
  • Overview of the general geographical area and orientation to residential areas
  • Accommodation pre-search programme
  • Accompanied viewings of pre-selected properties
  • Lease documentation and negotiation assistance
  • Assistance with Move-in