Tenancy & Property Management

Tenancy and Property Management:

This program provides active support in all matters related to leasing permanent accommodation in Russia, including legal support and ongoing technical maintenance of the property. The aim is to reduce issues surrounding accommodation and allow the assignees and their families to maximize their enjoyment of the accommodation and social environment.

Client benefits:

  • Reduces the likelihood of issues related to residential accommodation, which may negatively effect the assignees performance in the company
  • Provides trusted solution for maintenance issues and repairs, reducing inconvenience and improving environment for assignees family and spouse
  • Provides contract and legal support in all matters related to the accommodation lease

Key Elements:

  • Pre-arranged technical inspection, including health and safety check, prior to acceptance of property by assignee
  • Ongoing technical repairs and liaison with municipal authorities in event of issues with utilities or common areas of residential buildings
  • Optional cleaning and maid-services on a regular basis
  • Advisory in relationship between assignee and landlord of accommodation