Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training:

Cross-cultural training equips newly arrived assignees with the necessary awareness, knowledge and practical skills to function effectively in a culturally challenging international environment, improving communication and building stronger relationships. Courses are tailor-made and delivered in the host country or within Russia.

Client benefits:

  • Better employee retention as employees and/or their families experience greater confidence in their surroundings
  • Integrates different cultural approaches and empowers two-way communication
  • Bridges the gap between the two cultures and acts as a source of training, information and guidance to the assignee
  • Provides a structured introduction to cultural training and benchmark for future assignments

Key Elements:

  • Based on a thorough needs analysis and is tailor made to meet the specific needs and expectations; programs vary in size, composition and duration
  • Training is interactive, in-depth and involves self-analysis, case studies, role-plays, scenarios and exercises
  • Specialist international consultants with longstanding knowledge and experience of Russia