Settling-in Services

Settling-in Services:

Settling-In Services are designed to assist international assignees who have actually moved to Russia. Settling-in Services is a 1- and 2-day integrated programme that assists the assignee and his or her family with issues surrounding the critical early phases of the transition.

Client benefits:

  • A timely explanation of all logistical challenges associated with the host country
  • Cut down on time-consuming confusion and local bureaucracy
  • Experience an easier transition to daily living in the host country

Key Elements:

  • Favourite expatriate areas – positive and negative aspects
  • Purchasing local goods and services
  • Neighbourhood tour of the area close to their new accommodation
  • Tips on how to manage day-to-day living in the new country
  • Personnel finance (open bank accounts etc)
  • Embassies, consulates, government offices