Familiarisation Programme

Familiarisation Programme:

For assignees that have accepted or are considering a Russia assignment, 1- and 2-day pre-move familiarisation tours are essential to identify potential communities, examine schooling options, and provide preliminary home viewing orientation in the new country.

Client benefits:

  • Decreases the probability of failed assignments by allowing your assignee to preview the new country and its culture
  • Improves understanding of what household good items can/should be shipped, thereby avoiding unnecessary shipping costs
  • Speeds house-hunting efforts through an understanding of available housing
  • Allows for schools pre-planning and placement in advance of family arrival

Key Elements:

  • Accompanied pre-move familiarisation tour, including detailed information on living conditions, residential areas, schools, goods and services, recreation and leisure activities
  • Itinerary based on information obtained from the pre-departure assignee needs analysis
  • Programs are not “off-the-shelf” products –  tailored to the needs of your assignee
  • Realistic expectations for the assignee and family are discussed and considered